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Reflections and discussions:

Articles exploring worship, creativity and justice.

For more articles on putting worship and justice into action, go to our worship in action section. For top tips on how to lead outward focused worship, visit our workshops and practical input page.

Thoughts from the road

Key blog articles we keep returning to as new thinking emerges in us


Poetry to inspire and resource outward focused worship.

Kat Deal
Beneficial Crisis -
spoken word artist Kat Deal's performance poem on global poverty issues. (Also available in written words here) Find out more about Kat on our blog

Sarah Parkinson
If I could -
a poem about the Syria Crisis
A selection of six
of Sarah Parkinson's poems on some of the Sanctuary's core themes. (Find out more about Sarah, and what inspires her by reading our blog article Introducing Sarah Parkinson's poetry)

Liz Baddaley
Two trees - a pair of meditative, re-envisioning poems to use in prayer
Freedom is as freedom does -
a poem celebrating the kingdom understanding of individual liberty as being inter-connected with others' worth and flourishing
The lullaby of thanks -
a poem about the power of thanksgiving and encouragement to keep going in the midst of struggle and tragedy - whether global, personal or both
Two all-age allegorical short stories in poetic prose: The Blossom-Maker and The Secret Beauty of Sand

Helen Connell
A love poem 
- a meditative prayer-poem inspired by 1 Corinthians 13

Other people with great perspectives:

These are some recommendations of people or websites we have found helpful for digging deeper into the theology and issues related to justice and worship:

Andy Flannagan: Andy is a worship leader, song-writer and activist. He recently sent us this extract from an interview he gave to a master's student which touches on many themes that resonate with our hearts. We are publishing the extract as an article for you to read. You can visit his website here.

Elizabeth Perry: Elizabeth is a friend and former colleague from Christian Aid. She writes these really helpful lectionary notes, Development Matters, to relate justice issues to each Sunday's Bible passages, which are based on the Diocese of Bath and Wells' website.

David Ruis: Vineyard song writer, worship leader, author and pastor - visit his own website and that of his former church, Basileia, in Los Angeles, California.

24-7 prayer: Check out the international and UK sites of the 24-7 prayer movement for inspirational articles, stories, and regular blog updates on prayer needs around the world.

Resonance: We recently came across this great initiative to encourage new, indingenous expressions of worship,  when we met someone involved with multi-cultural and indigenous worship at one of our workshops. Find out more here

Wild goose (Iona community): John Bell and others at the Iona community have been gathering songs from the world church, and writing songs on issues of poverty for many years. they are verterans in pursuing a heart for justice in worship, and many of their songs have been widely used, particularly by more traditional churches. View their resources here.