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Moving with his heart: Songs from the Sanctuary

We're thrilled to release our album, available in both CD and digital formats. Order or download your copy below.

Moving with his heart is a gift to you from the Sanctuary's cross-church praying community and puts into song the extraordinary journey we are on together. Our prayer is that these songs - and the heart behind them - will bless you; lead you deeper into intimacy with God; and call you further out in intercession and action for each one he so loves.

Wherever possible - as with all our resources - we are making the album available for free, thanks to the generosity of the Sanctuary's supporters. We believe God wants these songs to fly - and we'd love you to pass them on to others too, so please also share the details of the album as widely as you can.

Order your CDs:
To order one or more copies of the CD, please click on the Donate button. Although the CD itself is a gift, a minimum donation of £3.50 per disc is required to cover postage, packaging and processing - which can be paid by debit/credit card or via a PayPal account. This amount is all we need to fulfill your order but we will accept higher donations if you want to give more to support the Sanctuary's work. If you have questions, please contact us
(Unfortunately we cannot send the CD outside of the UK, so if you live in a different country, please download the digital version.)

Download the album:
Go to the Sanctuary's bandcamp page, click on 'Buy now' then simply enter £0 to get the album for free - or type a higher amount if you want to support the Sanctuary's work.


In order to make the songs as widely available as possible - and to use a variety of online distributors so you can access the album from the service you are most familiar with if you want to - you can also download or stream the album through the following providers: 

(Please note some of these distributors will charge you because that is the only way to use their channel. The amounts are outside our control but we have chosen the lowest rate possible each time where a charge has to apply.)

Get the chord sheets
and sheet music for each song:

 1 Ask and keep on asking
chord sheet | sheet music
 2 Come Prince of Peace
chord sheet | sheet music
 3 Kneel me down
chord sheet | sheet music
 4 I'm coming right in
chord sheet | sheet music
 5 Nmoshkachord sheet | sheet music
 6 Healer of nations
chord sheet | sheet music
 7 Bring the nations home
chord sheet | sheet music
 8 Simply surrendered
chord sheet | sheet music
 9 Create in me a pure heart
chord sheet | sheet music
 10 What price?
chord sheet | sheet music
 11 What is my whole life?
chord sheet | sheet music
 12 You're the God who answers prayer
chord sheet | sheet music

A big thank you to everyone who has worked so hard on the ground to make this album possible, especially Liz Baddaley (songwriter, vocals, keys and project management), Tim Deal (producer, bass and guitar), Anya Faull (additional vocals on Healer of nations), Keith Deal (guitar on Create in me a pure heart), Barbara Macnish (album artwork), Verity English (album design), Cherry Gilbard (scoring sheet music) and Jill Andrews (digital distribution and project management).

More songs from the Sanctuary
Our full catalogue of 39 songs - including the12 on the album - are also available as individual free downloads (together with their chord sheets and sheet music) on our songs page