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Justice and worship; intercession and intimacy; outward love and upward adoration... How do we balance these? We don't have all the answers, but we are intentionally seeking to pray and worship in a way that offers up a context wider than ourselves... and then to share everything created out of these times.

New or featured resources:

Creative ideas for: worshipping and interceding in response to the gift of water - the first in a series of resources we'll be publishing this year to inspire more focused, dedicated prayer on the theme of water justice.

Meditations: Simeon and Anna - those who are watching see - two beautiful monologues that can be used together, or separately, exploring some of what these two biblical figures can teach us.

Creative prayer idea: for celebrating the whole church family tree - one big, visual idea that builds unity by helping to create a perspective-changing time of thanksgiving and prayer. Recognises and honours the whole church for its variety, diversity and impact, as well as being real about its imperfections.

Creative prayer ideas: interceding for Jesus-shaped leadership in government - especially timely in the UK - but suitable for ongoing use everywhere. (Also includes our written prayer about Brexit.

Practical input resource for creating, and inspiring praying and encouragement with, a map of your church's scattered engagement with the world - great for new year reflection, inspiration and planning...

New written prayer about Brexit for those based in the UK: However we each voted in the EU referendum, and whatever we think about the Brexit process, can we simply all pray this together, united as one?

Practical input resource sharing our top ten tips for praying with the headlines: written out of eight years of our community's experience in praying with the news daily, this resource will be good to keep to hand & to pass on to others.

Moving with his heart: Songs from the Sanctuary
We've released 12 of our songs as a studio album. Go to our Moving with his heart page to order CDs or download the album for free. (Chord sheets & sheet music also available.) You can download our full catalogue of 39 songs individually (together with their chord sheets and sheet music) on our songs page

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